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- 減肥陷阱要靚唔要命 低碳飲食短四年命

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Metropolitan night, have unique quiet, because has had four more. Although the beginning of winter has passed, but the air was still hot tears, without a hint of autumn and winter, the weather in Guangzhou is such, four season will have three seasons such as the summer heat. I was lying on the mat mat sofa, head in a roaming, unable to sleep. Suddenly, a lunatic rain outside the window a tremendous, temperature also has consciousness suddenly dropped ... ... Less than a minute, without closing the window to a chilly gusts of wind, I was cold with trembling, he appointed the horse to take a bed thin bedding changed, it comfortable lifestyle HK. The weather is really fast, as some character of the people like wind, rain, be caught off guard. But sometimes, often watch and life feelings about the book, it is found that, to pick out the sad more than happiness, perhaps many people and I like, in this confession sad choke society early will forget the so-called happiness. With time, he wanted to try every means to find some resonance, which is why the sad love songs are so popular. Believe that every day live happy people is far less than the happy ... ...

When everyone is in the same world, there are a lot of people happiness is at the expense of others happiness bought, not sincere joy, that happiness is need to have objective egoistic condition will form of happiness, not allow myself to truly realize the so-called life is music. It is said that from the heart to the outside can arise spontaneously happy is the source of his unconditional created, you can choose to make yourself happy, also can choose to make yourself happy, depends entirely on your mind, don't know, water is dead, so there is no happiness, no sadness, only a numb sealing state only, therefore not suited to pursue this state of mind teco Motor Manufacturer provides. To watch the sunrise with Chaoyang, to send the sunset sunset, that the mind can happy. People have died, also have the natural feelings of grief at separation and joy in Union, precious, but it was just time fermentation out of an intangible product, while the memory is the best proof.

Admire some of my friends, every face is like a big characters, do not know what he can in front of me so bold, happy, his smile is his symbol of personality. His optimism and satisfaction is he happy is the most important factor, but I won't let him take this mentality to our transition. Even if the school, but I also learn no progress, finally understand just Handan toddler. When I look in the mirror, his own smile to this moment, to find her smile is so stiff, so reluctantly. If happiness is a virtue, that person must be happy giants pandas.

Happiness is not only manifested in the face of smile, sometimes some emotional satisfaction will also make me happy, for example I like people who also love me, or is obtained by the friends of the concern Plastic wood, or their own rewards, or quietly to miss one most care about people.

All right, go for a walk, have also been road, although not dense willow trees and bright flowers, but also be good to feel. The lonely sad for free, there is no excuse to lose, as interludes, let happiness doom to death and beyond .

Happiness is satisfied, happy also, happiness is satisfied with what he can also choose to be happy and unhappy. Sometimes can be very happy, but contrived to put sad, be over youth pressure mountain large when angry, anxious you have to learn to dress  ...

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